A health and wellness startup

Introducing Lumate, a groundbreaking startup that is innovating in the health and wellness landscape through AI + Human Coaches. At the heart of Lumate is our AI Coach, a seamlessly integrated platform that begins as your personalized wellness coach and evolves to guide you in multiple dimensions of well-being.

About us

Lumate's AI Coach dynamically adapts to your unique lifestyle, fitness level, and overall wellness goals. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, the coach analyzes real-time data from wearable devices, syncs with your digital health data, and even captures mood fluctuations through enhanced human interactions. This tailored approach ensures a wellness journey that is a customized path to better health and happiness. The next-generation of wellness is not an app or just human but a holistic experience powered by a smart wellness platform + coaches + Ai. 

Next generation of health and wellness

is not just an app and technology,

it's human-powered leveraging AI.