A health and wellness startup

Introducing Lumate, a groundbreaking startup revolutionizing the health and wellness landscape through AI + Human Coaches. At the heart of Lumate is our AI Coach, a seamlessly integrated platform that begins as your personalized fitness coach and evolves to guide you in multiple dimensions of well-being.

About us

Unlike traditional apps that provide one-size-fits-all workout plans or generic wellness tips, Lumate's AI Coach dynamically adapts to your unique lifestyle, fitness level, and health goals. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, the coach analyzes real-time data from wearable devices, syncs with your digital health records, and even captures mood fluctuations through enhanced human interactions. This tailored approach ensures that you're not just another statistic but a valued individual on a customized path to better health and happiness.

Next generation of health and wellness

is not just an app and technology,

it's human-powered leveraging AI.